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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pippi and Some Exciting News......

I mentioned last week that our school was having Spirit Week. On Thursday, the students were supposed to dress as their favorite book character, and Shana chose Pippi Longstocking. She wore capri pants with one brown sock, one black sock, and men's shoes. She carried a horse and wore braids that stuck straight out. She had so much fun!!

And now for the exciting news........Several of the families with whom we traveled to Ethiopia received word today that they have now passed court!!! Yay!!! Even though the court system does not officially open up until the middle of October, the judge is back to work. The approval letters from the Ministry of Women's Affairs, which we have all been waiting for, have been submitted, and these families' cases are now complete. Everything is being submitted to the U.S. embassy, and once they receive clearance, the families will be able to travel back to bring their kiddos home!! So hopefully, we'll be getting our call soon letting us know that we have passed court, too!!! We can't wait to hop back on that plane to go see our boys again!

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