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Thursday, October 30, 2014

You Are Invited!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014
Black Swamp Nature Center

Come join us in supporting Mission: Metekle – a project to build a second story onto a primary school in Mekele, Ethiopia. This benefit will allow destitute children to receive the education they need in order to break the cycle of poverty. Proceeds from vendor fees, food sales, and donations will go towards the fund! Thanks for your support!

HOT FOOD & Baked goods!

--$1 Admission fee. 
--Bring in 2 canned goods and be entered into a door prize drawing (need not be present to win).

Get some Christmas shopping done with various vendors and crafters, such as:
Mary Kay
Le-Vel Thrive
Homemade Buckeye Crafts
Sewing Misc. Crafts
Discovery Toys
Handmade wreaths, clothing, burp clothes & MORE


Monday, October 27, 2014

Lately... has been busy! I've been neglecting the old blog somewhat, so I thought I'd dump a few Autumn photos onto it for our family scrapbook.

We celebrated the twins' 6th birthday, and they were thrilled to receive the new Ethiopian soccer jerseys and hand-beaded Gambella bracelets that I picked up while on my trip:

When I got home from Ethiopia, my wonderful husband met me at the airport with chocolate and roses. The kids decorated the house with welcome-home banners, and Malia wrote me the following poem:

 Dear mommy, You've been with me all the moves I took, also you're a very good cook! You cheer me up on the bad days, nothing does it really pay! Thank you, thank you once and for all, you always stand for me straight and tall! You don't know how I feel about you, you're awesome and you can tie a shoe! When I was a baby you were there for me, nothing pays for what I see. I love you so so dearly! Thank you thank you! To mommy! Love, Malia 
I felt very missed and loved! :)


The adults in my family got together to celebrate mom and dad's 40th anniversary:

A little bit of iPad fun:

We've had so many awesome sunrises and sunsets, and God threw in a few rainbows, too!

 We've enjoyed the beautiful fall weather:

Adrian finished football season this past weekend. Next weekend, basketball starts for Adrian, Ashton, and Malia.


Jordan's drawing of cheetahs and a gazelle:

Malia was named Student of the Month:

We've enjoyed several bonfires and hayrides:

That's all for now! Happy Fall, Y'all!

Saturday, October 18, 2014


A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended our Mission: Metekle benefit dinner last night or donated an item for our silent auction. We had an awesome evening, and brought in a little over $12,000! This brings the current donation total to $24,000, and we have about $44,000 more to raise to reach our first phase goal of $68,000 by February, 2015. Again, thanks a million times to everyone who is supporting us in our endeavor to build a second story onto Metekle primary school in Mekele, Ethiopia. We couldn't do it without you, and many Ethiopian children will be able to receive an education because of your generosity. May God's will be accomplished and His name glorified!

If you are interested in learning more about our project or donating to help children receive the education they need in order to break the cycle of poverty, please visit

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Just a Reminder...

...that our Mission: Metekle Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction is this Friday. Hope to see you there! All proceeds will help us build a second story onto Metekle Primary School in Mekele, Ethiopia. And trust me, we have TONS of really cool items on our auction. Thanks to everyone that donated for the cause!

Yesterday was Career Day at our elementary school. I was asked to come in and talk to the third and fourth grade students about my work in missions. I gave a presentation to each class and showed lots of pictures of our work in Ethiopia. And of course, I mentioned Metekle School. Afterward, one little boy came up to me and asked, "How much is it going to cost to build the school?" I told him, and he handed me a crumpled up dollar bill. "This isn't very much," he said, "but I would like to help out a little." It almost brought me to tears! This little boy wanted to help poor children halfway around the world get an education. I was so touched, and gave him a big hug. This might be the smallest yet most important donation toward our project. He totally blessed me yesterday, and I'm sure God was smiling down on him. :)

Those of you who normally read my blog know that I just got back from a trip to Ethiopia. You also know that I usually journal about my trips here on the blog. I have to admit that this trip was by far the hardest one I've ever been on...I saw so many really, really hard things and I will be haunted by them for awhile. I am still trying to process it all, but eventually when I get a bit more time I will try to post about my experiences...just so they will be chronicled for our family scrapbook if nothing else.

Thanks for stopping by today....have a great day!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Half a Dozen!!!

Today is a very important day at our house......we are celebrating 2 birthdays! Six years ago on this date, we went about our normal lives....I visited my new nephew in the hospital, Chris went to work, and in the evening we gathered with friends for a bonfire and a hayride. Little did we know that on the other side of the world, something momentous was happening. 2 little babies were born; one at home and hours later, the other at the hospital. We had no idea that someday these two precious boys would be our sons. But we are so thankful that God brought them to us, and are thankful that for the past 3 years, we have been able to celebrate their birthdays with them. This week they were given a precious gift when I was able to meet their entire birth family (mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, and great-grandma) while in Ethiopia. One of my travel partners got some excellent photos of all of us together...what an amazing birthday present for my sons.

Happy, happy birthday Jalen Opiyew and Jordan Uchan! We love you forever and ever!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO