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Monday, September 10, 2012

Hannah's Hope Reunion!

My friend, Ginny, and her little boy, Stone, flew up from Texas to visit us for the weekend. Stone lived at Hannah's Hope, our adoption agency's transition home in Ethiopia, with Jalen and Jordan. All 3 boys came home at the same time last November, and they were thrilled to be able to meet again! Ginny got in on all of our family's craziness for the weekend, too, and my sister, her husband, and their two little Hannah's Hope alumni met us on Saturday for a fun day at the zoo. Here are some photos from our weekend together:
Stone and Jalen


 We watched this elephant dancing to "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."

 Malia and Stone were good buddies all weekend.

Yikealo and Ashton, wearing the Africa shirts I made for them.

 5 little Ethiopians! Jordan, Jalen, Sintayehu, Stone and Yikealo.

 And this is what it's like tryng to get 9 kids to smile for the camera. Whew!

Thanks so much for coming, Ginny and Stone! It was so great to see you again!!!

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