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Friday, April 11, 2014

Keeping Busy...

Recent happenings:

1. Vaccines. Last week, Ashton got his travel vaccines (Typhoid and Yellow Fever) for our trip to Africa, and the twins received their Kindergarten shots!

2. Jalen lost his first tooth!

3. Yesterday, we went to the annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale at the coliseum. It was fun but crazy (think Black Friday on steroids), and although the twins weren't thrilled with the event, they did great! (They did enjoy the large Bob Evans breakfast and the Culver's ice cream, though!) While we were waiting to check out at the sale, there was a large trap door on the floor, and they were convinced it led to a lion's den. Ummmm.......don't think so! It was the coliseum, just not the Roman one!

4. Ashton has started taking violin lessons:

5. Malia was sick recently and had to stay home from school. Here is the schedule she wrote out for herself:

6. Cousin time!

7. After the longest, hardest, coldest winter I have ever lived through, we are enjoying the warmer weather! And finally, all of the snow is gone. Hurray!!!! 

8. Meetings and conference calls, oh my! We have been working on VBS, Orphan Summit, the Have a Heart for Ethiopia orphan care benefit dinner, and our mission trip to Ethiopia. And our schedule is now completely full until the middle of July. Whew! By the way, there is still time to register for the Have a Heart dinner, but hurry! We really want to see you there.

9. We take our kids on dates by themselves every once in awhile. The other night it was Malia's turn, and she kept us entertained with her lemon faces.

10. This weekend, the girls and I are headed to Chicago on a bus trip with my sis-in-law Casey and niece Lexie. We're looking so forward to it.....hope you all have a great weekend, too!

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