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Saturday, March 26, 2016

As of Late...

I looked up at the fireplace one day, only to notice that there was a sock on top of one of my canvases (top left corner of the one in the middle.) Obviously, this is a house full of boys.

We've been enjoying the warmer weather.

Jordan got an expander put in his mouth to correct his cross-bite, so we've been spending lots of time at the orthodontist. He will soon be getting braces.

This little doll smiles more than ever!

Jordan loves to draw, and is quite the little artist. This is his "Pack of Dragons."

The kids recently enjoyed "Family Reading Night Under the Stars" at the elementary school.

The tough (think quarterback and POLE-VAULTER! This mama has more gray hairs than ever...) but tender guy on the left loves his baby brother so much. He's convinced Quintin's first word will be "Adie."

This little man loves to blow bubbles...sometimes we call him, "Bubble Beard." (I'm sure he's the most fearsome pirate on the high seas.)

Malia's class had a "Chocolate Fair," where they constructed buildings out of chocolate. Here are twins Malia and Maci. 

Chris came home from the store yesterday with flowers, chocolate, and coffee for me. He's such a great guy. ;-)

Have a beautiful Easter weekend, everyone! Christ is risen...hallelujah!

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