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Thursday, November 10, 2016

School Days...

Jordan - 2nd grade. This guy was named as Student of the Month last month and loves to play on his Mini Panther basketball team.

Jalen - 2nd grade. Jalen was Student of the Month, too, and plays basketball with his brother. They're on the same team, and I imagine they will be undefeated this year.

Malia - 5th grade. Malia was just named as Student of the Month. She also participated in a Veterans Day program today, finished up basketball camp last week, and is now playing for a traveling basketball team.

Ashton - 6th grade. Ashton was named as Student of the Month, too! He won the Geography Bee at his grade level, and will participate in the district bee in January. Ashton gave his life to Jesus one year ago today! 

Adrian - 8th grade. This guy just finished up his football season, and made the 8th grade basketball team this week. He stays busy practicing whatever sport is in season at the moment.

Shana - 10th grade. Shana is currently completing her driving time so she can get her license, is taking a college psychology course, and works 4 days a week, either at Uncle John's accounting business or babysitting. She just signed up for a mission trip to South Carolina in February to help rebuild homes demolished by Hurricane Matthew.

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