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Thursday, May 25, 2017

18 Months!!!

Our little guy is a year and a half old today! 

Quintin says more words all the time, and is starting to repeat everything he hears. He says I love you, you're cute, outside, kiss, bye, no-no nigh-night (meaning that he doesn't want to go to bed), thank you, downstairs, Jesus, Bible, hallelujah, drink, Move!, happy birthday to you, No!, grandma, grandpa, and our names, among other things. Quintin also knows how to point to various body parts when asked, like his eyes, ears, hair, cheeks, tongue, nose, toes, belly, etc. He loves to play outside, give kisses, and help out around the house...some of his very favorite things in the world are sweeping the kitchen floor, setting the table, shutting doors and closets, and putting things away. He takes these jobs VERY seriously. Maybe he'll always be a neat child? One can hope...

We love you, Quintin Bennett! You bring SO much sunshine and joy to our lives! XOXOXO

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