As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Monday, November 8, 2010

Prayer Request.....

Today, I'm asking you to say a little prayer for my parents. My dad has been in the hospital for a good share of the last two weeks with ulcerative colitis/chrohn's issues and blood clots. He also has two different types of diabetes, and it seems that the medicine the doctors give him for one of the issues affects another issue, so those meds have to be changed and balanced as well. Yesterday when we visited him, he seemed to be doing really well, and we thought maybe he would be able to come home in the next few days. But he had a really bad night last night and now everything is acting up again. We would greatly appreciate any prayers you could offer up on his behalf, and also on the behalf of my mom, who is getting tired and worn out as well from living at the hospital. We praise God that dad's life was spared last week, and we hope for a speedy recovery this week! Thank you for your prayers!


  1. i'm so sorry to hear this... praise the Lord that he's fighting! we'll be praying for him!

  2. Just read this on your sister's blog....we are praying!

  3. Just prayed for your parents!!

  4. Dear Lord, we PRAISE you for saving Erica's dad's life. We are thankful that you have more for this wonderful man to accomplish this side of heaven. May you please spare this man any more suffering and heal him from these ailments. Lord, will you please find a balance in his meds and help him return home SOON!

    ps......erica, you are entered TWICE for our fundraiser giveaway! Tomorrow is the last day to enter! Drawing is Thursday night and winner annouced Friday! Good Luck!