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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Winner Reveal....

OK, so who won the Christmas ornament? Well, my trusty sidekick and I used a very scientific method to figure it out. First, I wrote the names of everyone who participated in the giveaway on slips of paper. Second, I folded the slips of paper, put them in a dish, and mixed them up.
Then, my trusty sidekick picked a name out of the dish.
And the winner is...............(drum roll, please....)

Yay! The ornament that I picked out for you, Beth, is one of my favorites, and I actually just finished painting it this morning. 

front of the ornament (snowflake design outlined in gold)

back of the ornament

Congratulations, Beth! I hope you like it! And a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the give-away!

Happy Wednesday to you all!


  1. Erica, that is gorgeous! I love it! Congrats, Beth, on winning!

  2. Ooh, it IS gorgeous. Thank you so much! And thank you for your blog...I really enjoy it! :)