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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Ready For Kindergarten and New March Numbers.....

 I cannot believe that my baby girl is going to start Kindergarten next year! On Monday, we went to the health department so Malia could get her vaccinations in preparation for school in the fall. Then last night, we went to Kindergarten Round-up, where she was able to meet some of her classmates and teachers, and I got to fill out all the paperwork! She loved every minute of it!
She practiced counting to 100 on the way to the school, and when we arrived, she wanted to do everything on her own. She certainly was Little Miss Independent! I have no worries about her being scared to start school - I think she was born ready! I think it will be a lot harder for me, and I'm sure I'll cry my share of tears on her first day!

Malia is so excited about our adoption. The other day she was playing house, and informed me that she had just adopted twins from Ethiopia. While she was introducing them to everyone, I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of the new family members:
Aren't they cute? And don't they look just like they're from Ethiopia? :-) Malia also informed us that she wanted to give us all the money in her piggy bank so that we could use it to bring our kids home. Several days later, Ashton presented us with $1.38 and told us he wanted us to put it in our adoption fund. I thought it was very sweet of them - my kids are so ready to bring their siblings home!

I received an email from our caseworker this morning, and it included our new waitlist numbers for March. They are:

#18 for girls

#12 for boys

#9 for siblings

That's right - we are officially in single digits for siblings! And then I found out that another referral went out, so our numbers are even lower now! Of course, on the toddler's list we have been #1 and #2 since December (for a 3-year-old), but the way it's starting to look, we may be getting an infant or two instead of a toddler! It will be interesting and exciting to see exactly who God has in store for us!

An update on the situation in Ethiopia: deliberations are still taking place this week, and many different people and agencies are urging MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) not to reduce adoptions by 90%. It is rumored that they may agree to take 20 cases a day instead of just 5, and although this would be better, it would still significantly reduce the number of adoptions. We did find out that the Executive Director of MOWA was terminated, and our agency continues to send us updates as they find out more information. Thank you to all of you who signed the petition and are keeping the situation in your prayers.

Have a great day!


  1. (new to your blog)

    You're getting closer!!

    And that was just too cute with the dolls!

  2. Getting closer and closer!!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  3. YAY! for entering single digits!!! Can't wait to read someday about how God told you there were TWO kiddos over in ET for you! Cannot, CANNOT WAIT to hear who He has chosen for you guys! :)

  4. I am always encouraged to see families' numbers going down!! Korea doesn't issue numbers but I assume if other's numbers are going down then ours are too!! :) Your daughter playing with her adopted children is just too cute!