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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Saturday in Photos....

Ok, so I realize that I may have scared some of my readers off after my last post, and I don't blame them one bit! I'll try to be a sensible and upstanding citizen from now on. :-) Chris has business in Indianapolis this week, so the kids and I drove with him down there yesterday and spent the day at the Children's Museum. The kids had a ball, and we finished the day by eating dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant before dropping Chris off at his hotel and heading back home.
 I love the vibrant colors and curves of Dale Chihuly's glass art that is on display at the museum. I have seen other collections of his work at the botanical gardens in Phoenix.

Race car driver Shana: 

Lots of dinosaurs:

Water fun:

Malia visits Egypt: 

Ashton goes rock-climbing....

almost there.....


Adrian goes rock climbing....

almost there....


Here are some Barbies that are exactly like the one my mom had as a little girl. My girls still have her old doll with the same red swimsuit:

Downtown Indy: 

Ethiopian food - yum!!!

The rolled-up food in the next photo is injera. For those of you who have never eaten Ethiopian food, this is a spongy, pancake-like bread. You break off small pieces of it and use it to scoop up the different meats, sauces and vegetables. No silverware is required. 

We had a great day in Indy! Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday as well!

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  1. Erica,
    We are just two behind you on the waiting list, and also on there for a toddler (we are for a girl). I check your blog now and then - for some reason I am drawn to the blogs of those also awaiting a toddler and those that already have their's home. I noticed today that you live, probably anyway, in Indiana. We do, too! We LOVE the Children's Museum and are hoping to go again soon! Best wishes to you - hope you get a call TODAY even!! We are sure praying here in southern Indiana!
    Carrie Britt