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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Peek at What We've Been Up To........

Here are just a few of the things that have been keeping us busy lately:

1. Celebrating Easter:

*Note to self: Do NOT put Easter grass in the bottom of the Easter baskets next year. When the boys decide to have an Easter grass fight, it makes a MESS all over the house. Even if for some strange reason you DO decide to use it next year, make sure it is green and not iridescent (it will be much easier to see all over the floors).

2. Growing plants indoors. Ashton is our little gardener, and loves to watch the progress of his little sprouts. So far, we have tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and peppers.

3. Picking up Easter grass.

4. Painting. Chris's uncle is fixing up a house, and I've been helping him prime and paint the walls.

5. Cleaning Easter grass off of the vacuum's roller brush.

6. Planning Vacation Bible School for this summer. Chris and I are both on the planning committee, and will both be helping with the teaching as well.

7. Picking up Easter grass.

8. Getting ourselves, our house and our luggage ready to be gone for a little over a week. Chris and I leave in a couple of days for our cruise, Malia is staying with my sister, and the other three are staying with their Grandma. It's a lot of work to pack for 6 people!

9. Cleaning up Easter grass.

10. Blogging about Easter grass.

Have a great day!


  1. i'm hesitant to use Easter grass in my kids' Easter baskets next year! haha!

    hooray for VBS! :)

  2. Let me join your club of "basket grass" haters! That stuff drives me crazy! One year I tried the paper stuff vs. plastic--still a mess. Your post cracked me up!

  3. Thanks for the no grass memo! The cruise sounds wonderful!!! I'm impressed by your little gardener too-- wish I had a green thumb:)

  4. Maybe you need to clean up Easter grass. Sounds like you don't have enough to do! I have some still in storage from years ago, I could bring it over and spread it around for you!....Hmmmm...seems like only a few years ago I was cleaning up YOUR Easter grass!!!!! Can't believe the stuff is still manufactured!! Must not be moms mantfacturing it!!!

  5. You make me laugh! Hope your Easter grass is all picked up now! Ha! WOW! Your cruise came up quickly! SO GLAD YOU ARE GOING!!!! Enjoy God's love note to you guys!!!!!!! Have a sweet and blessed trip! Will pray your kiddos do wonderfully while you are away.......and that you come home to some GREAT forward movement on the adoption front! ;)

  6. That's why I use the paper grass, haha!! :O)