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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lost in the Maize.....

Chris was in Oklahoma all week for work, so when he got home yesterday, we celebrated by eating dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and visiting a local corn maze and pumpkin patch. We had so much fun! This year's maze looked like this:

Adrian the spider:

When we entered the maze, we had to select a list of clues that would help us find our way through the corn. There were several different lists to choose from; we first chose "Scripture", but after the first question (How many times does the word 'corn' appear in the Bible - ummm.....wait a second.....I don't know my Bible that well!), we decided on the list for Tiny Tots. :-) This list asked such things as What crop does popcorn come from? and Mickey and Minnie are what kind of animal? Even though we knew all of these answers, we still got hopelessly lost a few times!

It got very dark while we were in the maze. Thank goodness for the flashlight app on my phone!

The kids also enjoyed a smaller straw maze:

We played a little putt-putt golf, too. But one of the best parts of the night? Funnel Cake!!!! Yum!!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!!

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