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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Under Construction.....

The same week that we arrived home from Ethiopia with the boys back in November, it rained really hard. And we had water coming into our living room! That's right, obviously our roof sprung a leak (due to a flashing problem by the chimney) and we actually had buckets in our living room and basement collecting water. Well, ever since then we've been working with the insurance company to get it resolved, and today an Amish crew started the construction work. We have to re-roof over the living room, and tear out the drywall, fireplace, carpet, ceiling, etc. inside. At the same time, we are enlarging our laundry/mudroom, so we have a lot of noise and mess going on around here, from both ends of the house. The twins weren't too sure about it this morning, as they woke up to the sound of saws and hammers going crazy:

They were convinced that the men were tearing our house down!

I'll have to post pictures when the work is finished, but the house will probably be torn up for a couple of weeks. I'll be glad when this project is complete!

Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Your boys look great and I love the randomness from your post below! I hope you are doing well and your roof gets fixed quickly.