As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Finally Here!!!!

The much-anticipated, longed-for and oh-it-probably-will-never-really-get-here-at-all day has arrived! What is this special day? Jalen and Jordan's birthday! You see, they came to America last year right after they had turned 3, so we've never been able to celebrate their birthday with them. All year long, when someone else had a birthday, they would ask when it was their turn. But it was taking way too long, so at one point they gave up and decided they were never going to have a birthday after all. 

Their day has finally come!

And it is pretty special. These two beautiful boys are miracles and gifts, sent straight to us from God Himself. And we're so glad we get to celebrate with them today!

They keep saying, "Mommy, I'm so excited. I'm 4!" And they have gotten several phone calls this morning from people who want to wish them a happy birthday. The twins always say, "Happy birthday!" right back. :-) I'm not sure that they completely understand this whole birthday thing.

Jalen and Jordan requested Ethiopian food for their special birthday dinner, so I'm making injera, doro wat, beef tibs, and bunna. And here's the birthday cake I made for them (Africa-themed, of course!):

We love you, Jalen and Jordan, and hope you have an extra special day and a wonderful time being 4!!!

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  1. Happy birthday wishes to Jordan and Jalen!!!

    Have had you all on my mind these past several weeks as it appears your time through the adoption, referral, court, embassy, delay to reunite, sibs. We are still waiting and thinking on if we will have them here by end of Oct or will it be Nov. But for you all, last yr, it certainly was something you must have been thinking and praying on, these kiddos birthdays. I am so happy for you all to celebrate together:) Blessing to you all in the yr ahead, their Special #4!