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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Assorted Stuff.....

1. Shana is still selling bracelets for her prayer-buddy project, if anyone is interested. For more info, please see my last post. To order, email her at and let her know your address and what colors you would like. Then, click on the Paypal Donate button on the sidebar over there to submit your payment. Thanks to those of you who ordered some and helped her raise money for our mission trip! Here are some of her most recent bracelet sets:

Red, white and blue - SOLD!

Red, green and yellow (Ethiopian colors!) - SOLD!

Charcoal, gray and yellow - SOLD!

Blue, green and orange - SOLD!

2. We went to the court house yesterday to get Adrian's passport. Yay! One step closer to Ethiopia!

3. We also got some of our travel vaccinations out of the way, although we still need some of our specialty injections and our malaria pills. Another step closer!

4. Shana got some new chicks yesterday! Right now, they are only 2 days old and are cute little balls of yellow fluff, but it won't be long before their feathers start coming in.

5. I have a new niece! Zoey was born 3 days ago to Chris's brother, Fred, and his wife, Kayla.

6. Here's some cuteness for your day - Jalen and cousin Kate!

7. And here is some of Jordan's artwork. This is "a guy riding on a skateboard," in case you couldn't tell. ;)

8. And last but not least, here is a video of my friends Garth and Crystal, who are adopting a child from Ukraine. Please consider supporting them by donating just one dollar. In Crystal's words, "If you haven't seen this yet, check it out! The way this works is that people go to this website and donate a dollar/week to different adoptive families who are adopting from different countries. The Europe page will be about one month old when it is our turn, so SPREAD THE WORD! One dollar. $1. 

We are this week's family, so, skip your McDonald's coffee for the day, get your dollar ready and spread the word anyway that you can think of. Every little bit matters and a dollar multiplied by everyone is a lot of dollars. ;)"
Click here to donate! 

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