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Monday, March 11, 2013

My Weekend Away and Some Other Stuff.....

This past weekend, I drove down to Atlanta with my sister-in-law, Casey, and my friend, Crystal, for the Created For Care retreat. It was so nice to be able to get away and spend time with 450 other mommas who share a passion for adoption, foster care, and orphan care! The retreat was held at the Lake Lanier Resort, and the beautiful scenery and refreshment was exactly what I needed. One of my favorite parts, though? Coming home to my kiddos, who were so excited to see me and enveloped me in huge hugs. :)

Some of my fellow AGCI mommas. Back = Laura, Amanda, Larisa, me, Ginny, Tricia, Lauren. Front = Andrea, Amber, Mindy. It was great to see them all!

My sis and me:

Yikealo, me, Casey, Larisa, Sintayehu. Larisa brought along her hubby and boys, and it was great to see them!

Larisa, me, Casey, and Crystal:


We booked our tickets to Ethiopia! Chris, Shana, Adrian, and I have our schedule and tickets figured out for this July. And today, Shana ordered a parachute and 6 playground balls to give to the kiddos at the orphanage. It makes the trip seem more real, somehow..... :)


He's had them for awhile, but I have not posted any photos yet. Here's Ashton with his new glasses! Doesn't he look spiffy?


These little guys have changed my world for sure:


And one more. Jalen is very proud of his new mustache:


  1. Thanks for a fun weekend! Things are going good around here! Getting ready for our company. Our facilitator told us 9 weeks! (note to self: Put bag over mouth. Breathe in, breathe out.) Haha!

  2. there is nothing like a marriage retreat to reboost me and re motivate me