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Friday, September 13, 2013

Safe In The Arms Of Jesus

When we were in Ethiopia this past July, we met a beautiful group of children who had just come to Hannah's Hope from the orphanage in Gambella. We enjoyed our time with them so much. There was one little boy who we did not get to meet, however, as he was sick and in the hospital at the time. After we returned home, little Chernet was feeling better and was matched with a dear family, the Besks, who could not wait to meet their beloved son! Earlier this week, the Besk family found out that their little guy had pneumonia, and his little body was not strong enough to fight it off. Yesterday, beautiful little Cruz Chernet went to be with Jesus. We are heartbroken for the Besks, who are traveling today to Ethiopia to lay their dear son to rest. Cruz Chernet did not get to come home to his loving family in America; instead he went straight home to his loving Heavenly Father. Please join us in praying for Kenny, Catherine, and their daughters as they meet their son and brother for the first time and lay his little body to rest. Also, pray for the staff at Hannah's Hope that took such great care of him and loved him as their own as well. He did not die an orphan. He knew he had a family coming for him; he had seen their pictures, had received their gifts. He died as a beloved son, and for that we are thankful.

Catherine's Facebook status from yesterday reads:
We love you all. Our God is with us and our God is for us. Our son has gone home to true healing and rest with Jesus. He died with Almaz by his side. He did not die an orphan. He is our son, and we are going to Ethiopia this week to claim him. We cannot bring him home, but we will be there to lay him to rest. He had incredible medical care and lots of love at HH. His little body was just too weak to go on. Pray for us. We love you. Thank you for your prayers. They were felt and heard. We will see you again our precious boy, our Cruz Chernet Besk. John 14:18 "I will not leave you as orphans. I will come to you."

If you would like to reach out to the Besk family in some way, please visit their blog at


  1. beautifully said, erica. just aching for the besks... heartbroken for them and holding them in prayer.

  2. I have read this a couple times lately Erica. Thank you for loving so big and for sharing this.