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Monday, January 13, 2014

Blizzard of 2014

Things are finally warming up a bit. Today, temperatures are 65-70 degrees warmer than they were last week at this time......crazy!!! We endured wind chill temps of -45, so today's 45 degrees makes it feel like spring! But the kids enjoyed their extra time off of school, and ended up having a 3 week Christmas vacation. Chris's workplace canceled for a couple of days, too, and since the roads were impassable, we spent several days playing games, etc. by the fire. Here are a few photos of all our snow!

This humongous drift formed in front of our shed, so the kids hollowed it out into a fort. 

I think these guys were a little tired of being cooped up when they raided Shana's stash of rainbow bands to make bracelets for Malia's American Girl dolls. Or maybe they got brainwashed from being forced to play "house" too much. ;)

I'm ready for about you?

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