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Friday, January 17, 2014

Bookin' It To Ethiopia Update

I am so proud of local high school seniors Kelsi Manz and Tiffany Spangler! They are only $1291 away from their goal of raising the $26,500 needed to build a library and fill it with books in Mekele, Ethiopia! Can you prayerfully consider donating to this very worthy cause and help them finish the project? As soon as the funding is complete (they're 95% of the way there!), building will commence! We will be traveling to Ethiopia this spring with a mission team to put the finishing touches on the library and hand the keys over to the community. Because of these girls' efforts, children who have learned with very limited resources will have the whole world opened to them for many years to come. To those of you who have already donated, THANK YOU!!! Many families will be blessed because of your generosity. And to Kelsi and Tiffany...congratulations! You have done an amazing job and I'm looking so forward to our trip! 

Here is the link for their webpage, which will explain the project:

And here is the link for the donation page:

Thanks, everyone, and have a great weekend!

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