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Monday, July 28, 2014

Gambella Reunion!

This past weekend, our family (all except for Shana, who went to Illinois for Darci's baptism) drove down to Louisville and met seven other families from Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee that have adopted kiddos from Gambella, Ethiopia. Chris, Adrian and I had met quite a few of these kids last year when we were in Ethiopia, and it was great to see them again on this side of the world! So many of them had lived together in orphanages, and it was so fun to see them reunited!

On Friday night, we met at a hotel downtown, and the kiddos swam while the adults visited. Saturday morning, we ate breakfast and then walked to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Afterward, the kids played at a park by the river before we all met at the Queen of Sheba Ethiopian restaurant for lunch. We left mid-afternoon to come home, while everyone else stayed until Sunday morning. A wonderful time was had by all, and I hope it becomes a yearly event. There are so many Gambella kiddos in Ohio, and more who will be coming home soon that could join us next year!

Between our 8 families, there are 15 kiddos from Gambella!

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