As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kids and Tees

*The kids have had lots of snow and ice days lately... we have had lots of these:

*Jalen took it upon himself to set the table for dinner one night. He then turned down the lights and lit some candles. Paper plates, pizza, and candlelight. :)

*Ashton's basketball team was undefeated this year. They won the tournament and will play in the Defiance tournaments next week. He's pretty proud of his medal. Great job, Ash!

*The twins enjoyed their Valentine's party at school:

*Ashton found this old hat that my dad wore when he was a little boy. Ashton has now claimed it as his own and wears it everywhere. :)

*"Look what I can do, Mom!"

*"And now I'm a teenager." (As if that time won't come soon enough.)

*One day I asked if someone had let the dog out. Jordan replied, "Yes, and he's running around the snow like a wolf. He's having joy."

*Malia plans to be a teacher someday. She was playing school the other day, and then I found this:

*Jalen hurt his leg one day, and he was pretty sure he needed to have a castridge put on. I told him it was a cast. The next week, his leg hurt again, and he told me he needed a cactus for it.

*Due to some added interest, we relaunched our Mission: Metekle t-shirt fundraiser. We changed the colors a bit this time, and will only be selling them for 2 more days. Order here to help us educate Ethiopian children: Thanks!

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