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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Our Busy Lives...

The kids recently had a Halloween parade at school. The twins were pirates (don't they look menacing?), Malia was a clown, and Ashton was an old man. Somehow I forgot to take a picture of Ashton, but he looked adorable with his gray wig, hat, glasses, plaid shirt, suspenders, and cane. 

Malia has been keeping me supplied with love notes and artwork...

...and Ashton has been completing some as well.

 Adrian had his football awards ceremony, and the coach talked highly of him. He has now started playing on the 7th grade basketball team, and the twins play basketball on Saturday mornings. The coaches desperately wanted Malia on the 4th grade traveling basketball team this year, but she turned them down so she could spend more time with the baby. :)

Jalen still puts stickers on his face just like he did when he lived at Hannah's Hope.

 I was thrilled to find these bandages for little brown boys online. I get frustrated when all you can buy in the stores are "flesh-colored" bandaids that are only meant for peachy-skinned people. 

Malia got in some quality time holding baby cousin Carly:

Ashton and Malia participated in a Veteran's Day program at one of our local nursing homes.

As of yesterday, the twins have been home for 4 years! Oh our lives have changed. Praise God!

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