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Friday, November 6, 2015

Nursery Reveal...

Two and a half weeks until Little Mister is supposed to arrive! I am getting so excited to meet this baby boy, and the kids are counting down the days. In the meantime, I have been preparing a room for him, and I decided to go with a camping/woodland theme for it. I'm thinking that one day, when he grows out of his crib, I'll set up a little tent in his room and place a mattress in it for him to sleep on. :)

I got the birch tree idea from Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia, where Kiersten, Kerri, Wass and I painted them on the play room walls a year ago. Once the baby is born, I want to "carve" (paint) his initials and birthdate on one of the tree trunks.

 I made this mobile from pine cones and sticks that I collected in my in-laws' yard.

I painted these canvases...

...that hang above the changing table that my Grandpa Don made when my sister was born 40 years ago. I just painted it and added new drawer pulls.

I painted this rocking chair, taking it from a dark brown to a bright golden yellow, and Shana bought the fabric for the camping-themed blanket that hangs on the back of it. Grammy sewd it together for us.

Chris helped me make this sign out of old pallet boards that Shana stained. Then I put a tan wash over it, brushed on some cream-colored paint, added the lettering, and used a jigsaw to make the edges of the boards more rustic-looking and old. It hangs over a little dresser from my sister-in-law, Casey. I painted the dresser to match the changing table and added new drawer pulls.

On top of the dresser, I placed framed vintage postcards from national parks, along with a baby deer stuffed animal.

A cute little fox hamper...

 ...and a deer head wall-hanging finish out the room.

Then, we have a closet full of baby clothes that I've been collecting...

...along with several hundred diapers to get us started.

I also packed his hospital bag!

We would appreciate your prayers as we transition from a family of 8 to a family of 9. Thanks!

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