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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Keep Praying!!!

*Please see my last post for more details.

Tom's emergency medical fund has grown to almost $10,000 of the needed $42,000! Thank you for your support! Tom is very appreciative...below is a letter written by my friend, Almaz (the former director of the transition home in Addis Ababa where Jalen and Jordan lived):

"Dear friends, 
Tom is feeling encouraged, inspired and feeling your prayers for sure. Tome often comes for meal and to see the twins as he just loves little ones. The twins were entertaining Tom with their dressing up and my boy wanted to be like his sister so he decided to wear mama’s bathing suite. And they not even four but they know Tom is sick and mama has so much paper that she calls Tom medical paper and they cannot write on them.. So every time he comes, they ask him, “Are you ok now” And he says yes and then they giggle with joy.” This Sunday they were cracking him with their dressing up. 

I want to pass on his gratitude to each one of you who have given or/and been praying for him. When he was here for dinner on Sunday, he said to me, “How can I even thank all these people? I don’t even know all their names?” And he went on, “Do you think, we will have new names in heaven?” That was big question for me. Anyways, I just want to add my thank you and also to ask if you would please continue to pray, share his needs to your friends and families on his behalf as we are still long way to go. It would be shame to get thus far and be stuck. Thank you for hearing and moving!"

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