As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I witnessed this gorgeous sunrise from my front porch. One of God's masterpieces, for sure!

 My little mountain-mover. (His shirt says, "One day I will move mountains.")

We received updated photos of Metekle school in Mekele, Ethiopia! This is the school for which we raised the money for a second story. We traveled there in June and helped work on it! :) They are coming along nicely, and should be finished soon. Meanwhile, we have started fundraising to add a 3rd and final story to the school. Our project website can be found here:

A hot air balloon visited our neighborhood.

My lovely husband brought me some DeBrand's chocolates one night. Yum!!! My all-time favorites are the milk-chocolate covered raspberries.

 Malia is always writing me encouraging little notes. Love that girl!

We finally finished our bathroom project!

We made another visit to Sauder's Village...gotta make good use of the membership, you know!

Little guy has been getting around all over the place.

Keep praying for Tom! He only has $17,214 of the needed $42,000 for his emergency life-saving surgery. The donations have stalled out over the last week, but the poor guy is really sick. Please help us spread the word! Thanks so much!

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