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Friday, January 13, 2017

As of Late...

Poor Mr. Q can't seem to get rid of his ear infections. :(

 We got to see some photos of our friends at Foten Children's Center in Gambella, Ethiopia. It's always nice to see that they are able to use the clothing we send them. 

We celebrated Genna, Ethiopian Christmas, on January 7. David and Larisa were here, and the boys loved the fact that we were able to eat traditional Ethiopian food. Jalen has eaten leftover injera and shiro every day this week for his after-school snack.

4 little Ethiopians! :)

Another of Jalen's paper creations...

Here's a dapper little dude!

Ashton participated in the district geography bee, and came in 2nd place! Great job, Ashton! 

Adrian came in 3rd place in the school spelling bee! Way to go, Adrian!

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