As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Random bits...

Adrian recently splashed a little milk on the table. This is what appeared when the drops settled:

Poor Mr. Q hasn't been very healthy this winter. Here is one of his many trips to the doctor:

Working on Valentines:

I got lots of love from my people on Valentine's Day:

Super Q is here to save the day!

We recently had parent/teacher conferences. While we waited in the hallway, we were supposed to guess which silhouette belonged to our child. I didn't have any problems finding Jalen's:  

Wanna kiss? 

Last week, Shana went on a week-long mission trip to South Carolina to help rebuild homes that were damaged in Hurricane Matthew. My big-hearted girl had a wonderful time. I loved the fact that she wrote Bible verses on the door and window headers and studs of one of the houses she worked on.

She made some new little friends!

Sweet baby. He looks so innocent while he sleeps.

The kids enjoyed time with cousins this past weekend:

Adrian's basketball season is over. The kids did a great job, and finished the season as runners-up in their conference.

 I may have showed my frustration with the twins a few too many times yesterday. They drew this picture and handed it to me. Awww.....I love their forgiving spirits. Love those boys!

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