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Monday, May 30, 2011

Our Adventurous Weekend.....

Ok, so Friday was the kids' last day of school for the year. Here they are before getting on the school bus for the last time until August:

Then, Ashton's teacher presented an end-of-the-year slide show of his kindergarten class, so Chris, Malia and I went to watch it. And yes, I wiped away a few tears during the show! I can't believe my little Ashie is out of kindergarten already! Here are the boys after school while we waited for Shana to be dismissed:

We had planned to surprise the kids by taking them up to Michigan, where we were going to stay overnight and then visit Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum on Saturday. So after leaving the school, it didn't take them long to realize we were not going home. When they asked where we were going, I told them that since it was the last day of school, I thought we would celebrate by going out to eat at Olive Garden, since we had some gift cards to use up. At one point, Ashton wondered why there was a suitcase behind the back seat, and I said, "I think we took that suitcase on our trip a few weeks ago. See if there are still cruise tags attached to it." He discovered that there were indeed cruise tags attached, and that answer seemed to satisfy him. I guess he thought that the suitcase was still in the van from our last trip. (Aren't I a bad mom?) Anyway, pretty soon they wondered why in the world it was taking so long to get to Olive Garden - why didn't we just go to the one near our house? So, we finally arrived at the restaurant, and after the waitress took out orders, we told the kids the real reason we drove 2 hours to go out to eat. They were so thrilled, and Malia kept giving me huge hugs and kisses.

Adrian and Malia at the restaurant:

The kids had fun in the pool at the hotel that night:

We found some sort of a strange little bug in our room - oh wait, that's just Ashton.

Saturday, we had a great time at the museum and village:

Here's the 20 million dollar car (a 1931 Bugatti Royale, just in case there are any car buffs out there):

Civil War Remembrance was the special event going on this weekend. There were soldiers, tent camps, horses and cannons everywhere.

Malia and Shana had fun trying on old hats at the Millinery:

More soldiers:

Orville and Wilbur Wright stood on the front porch of their boyhood home and talked to us about making and flying the first airplane:

Afternoon tea:

Ice cream - yum!!!

This charming English cottage was built in the early 1600's. Later, it was taken apart stone by stone and transported to Michigan, where it was rebuilt stone by stone.

This marine officer wanted to enlist Adrian, and gave him this sword to hold:

Malia held her ears during the cannon demonstration:

Carousel ride:

We had a great day! Then as we were driving home Saturday evening, it started to rain. We were following a semi, and all of a sudden as he reached a curve in the road, he lost control. He took out the entire guardrail, and his truck flipped completely over on its side onto the riverbank. If it hadn't been for the tree that stopped it, I think the truck would have landed in the river. Chris called 911 since we had witnessed the whole thing, while I ran to see if the driver was ok. Thankfully, he was fine, and we found out that he had been hauling a load of french fries. Chris and I stayed and helped direct traffic for close to an hour until the state trooper finally came along. It was a little scary, though, since we were right between two curves. Plus, it was dark and raining, and we didn't have any flares or lights. We were so thankful to finally make it home that night!

We didn't go anywhere for Memorial Day because Ashton was sick with the flu. :-(  But it was nice to stay at home and relax. We enjoyed picnics and swimming in our pool for the first time this year!

Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Sounds like a great time....all except for the accident and the flu! Yikes! I'm glad that you're all safe.

    Okay, I know that Miss Shana gets really tired of hearing this, but she is the SPITTING IMAGE of her grammy - esp. with her new glasses. Oh my goodness! That first picture looks SO MUCH like some of Mom's grade school pics!

  2. Hey, come on Rees! What an insult to Shana! She's way cuter than I ever was! Don't get mad at me, Shana. Sorry that peeps think you look like me! Sympathies!