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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Family Project.....

One of Chris's uncles has access to large amounts of food items (think pallets and huge boxes full). So, we've been packaging the rice, pasta, etc. to send to disaster areas, poor countries, and food pantries. Sometimes, our whole church gets involved and at other times, a small group will get together to package the food. Chris is now the person in charge of setting up the work teams, and so sometimes just the six of us will spend the evening together packaging food for the needy.

Here is Malia standing by the boxes and bags of food on Tuesday evening:

Adrian and Malia were in charge of placing labels on the bags that we were going to fill:

On the menu this week is......split pea soup!

Ashton was the pea supplier:

Chris and I were the bag fillers, a.k.a headless pea scoopers. (A short little person took this picture, and cut off our heads!)

Shana was the bag sealer:

She used this handy little machine to seal the bags of peas:

A sealed bag of split peas:

Shana then put all of the sealed bags into this barrel:

All the little peas nestled snug in their little pea beds :-)

A full barrel weighs close to 400 pounds. It is now ready to seal and be shipped!

Our kids love packaging food, and it's a great way for them to learn about helping others. We have so much fun working together!

Also, if you get a chance, please visit Kristi's blog to read little Wes's story. This tiny little guy has to undergo some major surgery, and I'm sure his family, who have been an inspiration to many in the adoption world, would appreciate our prayers.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Hey, let me know sometime when you guys will be packaging food again, and I'll come to help, especially if Pops will be working late in the fields. (If that EVER happens!) I always thought it was fun to help package food when we did it for World Relief. Good li'l helpers there!

  2. That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE just went yesterday to Feeding Children Everywhere event and helped do scooping and bagging :) It was great and our kids loved it!!!! What a great way to serve others :)

  3. Great!! I am always encouraged to hear of families serving together..what a great example you are setting for your children.