As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Monday, June 27, 2011

Look What I Got!!

1. These beautiful flowers from Ashton:
 He went to the store with his dad and took some of his birthday money to spend. Instead of buying something for himself, he bought me this rose. It melted my heart!!

2. Our referral paperwork finished and turned in:
 Yay!! Now, we're hoping for a quick court date so we can hop on a plane to Africa and go see our boys for the first time!!!

3. This beautiful bouquet from some dear friends of ours who are thrilled that we got our referral! They have also adopted twins from Ethiopia. Thanks so much for the gorgeous flowers!!

4. These little polo shirts for our twins. They were the first thing that I bought for them after we got our referral, and I got tears in my eyes as I paid for them! The sales clerk probably wondered what was up......

5. This photo of a cross in the sky at sunset the other night: 

6. These adorable little shirts from my good friend, Ginny, who received her referral the week before we did. The referral photos we received of our little guys show them holding inflatable electric guitars, and she couldn't pass these shirts up when she saw them. Thank you so much, Ginny - we appreciate your kindness so much! Whenever the boys wear these shirts, we will think of the first time we ever saw their faces......
And I'm really hoping that we get to travel together.....

7. A full-sized van. That's right, we have now joined the ranks of those of you who drive large family vehicles. I always said that I would never drive one, but with the addition of 2 more children, our family will no longer fit into our 7 passenger mini-van. I'm learning to eat a lot of my words........but this time, they taste pretty sweet!

Have a great day, everyone!!!!


  1. What a lot of good and perfect gifts from above! Love the cross in the sunset!

  2. YIKES!!!! twin it!! I am so happy for your family and your newest sons! Oh, I hope you get to travel soon to meet them. A huge congratulations to your family! :)

  3. That first picture is precious - what a sweet boy you have!!

    Love the clothes for the twins!!! I bet it is so fun to be buying TWO of everything!!!

    Beautiful cross in the sky! That's so neat you were able to see it and capture it!