As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

God Is In EVERY Detail.......

Wow. Some amazing things have been going on over our way lately:

1. It is not only incredible that we received a court date so soon, but everything surrounding our court date whispers, "God." First of all, usually when families receive their court date, they have about a month until they travel. We received our court date, and had a week and two days until departure. Secondly, we knew that because of the rainy season and court recess, the Ethiopian court system closes down in the months of August and September. So we really didn't expect to travel until October, at the earliest. Come to find out, our court date (on August 5th), is on the last day that the courts will be open in August. That's right, on the 6th, they will close. We were also the very last family that was accepted into court before the closures. The family after us received a court date of October 17th. (We wish they could have traveled with us, as we have come to know them a bit - they are a wonderful family. We plan to take lots of photos of their kiddos for them while we are over there).

2. We received some photos of one of our boys lately, in which he is wearing a very special shirt. What is so special about this shirt, you ask? It is the exact same shirt that my nephew, Yikealo, wore when he lived at Hannah's Hope (our agency's transition home) two years ago. To see the shirt and read a little more about it, click here. This shirt is definitely a family hand-me-down!!

3. When we started the adoption process, we decided that it might be a good idea to take our oldest daughter, Shana, along with us on our first trip to Ethiopia. She really wanted to go, and we thought it would be an invaluable experience for her. So we told her that if she could raise the money that she needed for her plane ticket, she could go with us. She excitedly started planning a garage sale/bake sale, which we held in May of 2010. She made about $2,200 that day. Last week we booked our flights, and guess what her ticket cost? Almost exactly the same amount. She is so excited!

The court date, the shirt, and the ticket. Coincidences? I don't think so. God has every detail planned out and under control, no matter how small they may seem. He definitely knows what it best for us. So while I'm a bit nervous about traveling to a foreign country and meeting our sons, I am also extremely excited to see how it all goes. Because I know that God has it all worked out, down to the last detail.


  1. Love how He works out every perfect detail!!! So happy for ya'll!

  2. LOVE it when there are soo many details that you know are because GOD CAN!!!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE about the shirt in your sister's blog :)

  3. You must be getting SO excited about going! I'm excited for you! Hope you have a very wonderful trip, and we will try real hard to keep your other 3 kiddos entertained!!

  4. Wow, what an amazing God we serve!! I love it when God sends us "love notes" like that. So special!!