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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Twins' Room Revealed........

The twins' bedroom is finished! Well, actually, it won't be complete until they are in it, and we can't wait for that day!! But I've done as much as I can for now.

Africa (with a heart over Ethiopia), a zebra, and a monkey grace one wall:

I painted these canvases, which hang above the bed:

My talented mother made these curtain valances:

Flip the Frog and Mo the Monkey were gifts from our adoption agency:

And then, of course, there's the closet, where I'm starting to collect all sorts of cute clothing in twos:

So....put it all together, and it looks something like this:

I also put together a collage of the boys' referral photos, which hangs above the chest of drawers. But I can't show that to you, as we are not allowed to post photos of the boys online until they get home. The collage also includes Ethiopian and American flags.

Have a great day, everyone!!


  1. It looks awesome!! Your little boys are going to love it.

  2. Erica...I love the colors you choose for the twin's room. I should have known with your craftiness and talent it would look great! What a wonderful day it will be when those two little ones are home!

  3. Looks good! "My" room at your house has definitely changed a bit, that's for sure! I'm guessing that it won't be "mine" anymore either...

  4. Talented mother?!? Don't think so! But we are looking forward to having the li'l guys in their room!!!

  5. I LOVE their room, Erica!!! It is so cute! I know they will love it! And I love seeing everything in "twos"!!!