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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3 Short Malia Stories.......

1. Today, Malia was playing school by herself. She was the teacher, and as the "students" entered the classroom, she asked for their names and wrote them on a sheet of paper. I overheard her saying, "Now what is your name? Sabria? That's a pretty name!" Scribble, scribble.  "And how about your name? You don't know your name? Ok then, we'll just call you Jacob. Next?" When she finished, I looked at the piece of paper she had been writing on. It included such names as Hol, Cale, Opac, Mo, Aodpa, Moli, Ais, Ava, Ethan, Oaper, Oa, Eahw, Aofe, and Dadromam.  Just thought I would share this list in case any of you are in the process of picking out baby names. I mean, after all, isn't Hol, Opac or Dadromam exactly the kind of good, strong, mature-sounding moniker that most parents today have been searching for? Trust me - these names will most likely make the Top Ten Baby Names list of 2011.

2. Malia also played "adoption" today. She traveled to Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia, and met her baby girl for the first time. She walked into the baby house, spotted her little girl sitting on the couch, and politely asked the special mother if she could pick her up. Here is a first photo of mother and daughter:

Then, since this was only her first trip, Malia had to say goodbye to her baby girl. She hopes to come back soon for her embassy appointment so she can bring her daughter home!

3. Recently, Malia answered the phone. It was a telemarketer, who asked to speak to me. I was outside, so as Malia carried the phone to me, she thought she should make small talk with the lady on the other end. She started off with, "I kinda have a runny nose," and I'm pretty sure the conversation went downhill from there.

Have a great day, everyone! : )


  1. Hysterical! I am sitting here giggling away, and Y is dying to know why I'm laughing...but I'm just not sure that any of the hilarity could really be explained to one of Mimi's cohorts! How exactly does one pronounce Eahw and Aofe anyway?

  2. Thanks for your reply on blog! Great Info!

    Too, too cute. Our sons name, Ethan, is in her list. When we named him this, there wasn't a single other child OR adult w/ the name around us, now 18 yrs late, it is in the top ten.

    Will cont to pray for your letter to arrive from MOWA so you can pass court.

  3. That is "laugh out loud" funny!!!! What a cutie!

  4. This made me laugh and laugh :-) I really think Malia is someone I would like to hang out with..really!! I think we could be good friends :-)