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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ethiopia - Trip Two - Day One

Friday, November 11, 2011
Chris and I got the kids ready for school, packed the van, and headed to Detroit. I was experiencing many different emotions, and felt as though I was dreaming. At one point, I told Chris to pinch me, because it just didn't feel real. Are we actually headed back to Ethiopia? Are we really at this point in the process? Are we really doing this? Are we really going to see our boys again and bring them home? For good?

Chris and I spent the day together at Greenfield Village. We kind of figured it would be the last time that the two of us could get away by ourselves for awhile. In the middle of the afternoon, we headed to the airport. We soon found out that Lufthansa is more strict about luggage than either Ethiopian Airlines or Turkish Airlines was on our first trip. The agent told us that two of our carry-ons were too big, even though they were the same bags we used on our first trip. We were going to have to check them, which gave us a total of 6 checked bags. We were only allowed 4. We explained to him that most of the bags were filled with donations for orphans, and asked if he would be willing to waive the extra baggage fees. He asked another woman, and they decided to let us check the bags for no charge. We didn't even have to show our agency's donation letter! And every other person in line had to weigh their carry-on and check it if it was too heavy. That wonderful man never even weighed our 2 bags that were left and we were fairly certain that they were way overweight. God was busy working things out for us!!

As we were boarding the plane, we met a man from Canada with whom we share some mutual friends. When we explained to him that we were going to Ethiopia to pick up our 3-year-old twin boys, he informed us that he has 3-year-old twin boys at home. He said that we would be very busy and that we would require lots of patience! :-)

We had a very long but uneventful flight to Frankfurt, Germany, in which I got no sleep. Tomorrow night we arrive in Addis! This seems so surreal!

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