As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine From God.....

This story actually happened to me 6 years ago, but since it took place on Valentine's Day, I thought I would share it again. 

It was Valentine's Day, 2006, and Chris and I were in Virginia Beach. In February, Virginia Beach is a pretty deserted place, but I enjoyed the peace and quiet as I strolled along the beach in front of our hotel. Chris had a business conference that morning, so he had taken our rental car. When lunch time rolled around, I was getting pretty hungry. I was pregnant with Malia at the time and was having trouble with my blood sugar getting too low, so I decided to find something to eat. I walked several blocks to a sandwich shop, only to find the place dark and locked up. I didn't see any other restaurants around, so I headed back to the hotel to buy a pop from the machine. That would help to raise my blood sugar, at least. But the pop machine wasn't working. After deciding to go down to the hotel restaurant to order a sandwich, I waited in line for quite awhile only to be told that they had just closed. Frustrated, I headed back to my room, feeling a bit weaker each minute. I was unsure as to when Chris would get back from his meeting so I could drive somewhere to eat. As I neared our room, however, Chris walked out. He told me that he had picked up lunch for me. As I sat down to eat, I realized that God knew exactly what I needed and that He would provide for me...always. I shouldn't have doubted. He closed the doors to the other places, because He already had lunch plans for me. I prayed and thanked Him for taking care of me and apologized for worrying about something so trivial when I should have trusted more. "Why," I asked myself, "would God take the time to deal with my little troubles when there are such bigger problems out there for Him to take care of?" I got my answer when I reached down into my lunch box and pulled out a red, foil-wrapped candy heart. On the front, it said I Love You.

It wasn't a big thing at all; but in that moment I got the tingly, breathtaking feeling that told me it was from God. I still have that foil wrapper in one of my scrapbooks. Every now and then I pull it out, look at it, and remember. Of course He loves me. Of course He's going to take care of my every need. That is who God is, after all. All I need to do is trust.

Have a great Valentine's Day!

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  1. I totally LOVE this story....oh so true. Sometimes we skip the "smaller things" in life - but God has it all covered!