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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Backseat Drivers.....

Jordan and Jalen LOVE to ride in the "mekina" (car, van, truck, or anything else with wheels). And every time we go somewhere, there is a constant stream of instructions and orders from the backseat:

"Amama, stop! I want to see the truck!" (As we're driving along at a good clip on the interstate.)

"Amama, go!" (When we're stopped at a red light.)

"Amama, be careful! Don't fall! BE CAREFUL, AMAMA!!!! (As we're driving on an overpass or hill.)

" Amama, I want to drive over there!" (Pointing to the field beside us, even though I've explained many times that we really must stay on the road.)

"Go that way, Amama!"

And on, and on, and on. Now, would you really trust directions from two guys who looked like this?

They are quite the little backseat drivers......

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  1. Oh I just want to munch on them! Too cute...sounds like they definitely have their own ideas about how things need to be! :-)