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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Road Trip and Some Other Stuff.......

So here's a bit of randomness for your day:

1. Tomorrow, my sister and I leave for Atlanta, Georgia, for Created For Care, a retreat/conference for adoptive and foster care mommas. I am excited to get away with my big sis for the weekend and also to meet so many other women who have adopted or are in the process of adopting. Several of the ladies that I traveled to Ethiopia with will be there, too, so it will be so great to connect with them again. And there will be other mommas there that I "know" through blogs or email, but have never met in person. I'm really looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

2.  You can pretty much be assured that your boys aren't telling the truth when they come upstairs and tell you that all the toys in the basement are picked up and you ask them, "Should I go look and see?" and they say, very passionately, "No!" (That would be Jordan and Jalen for you!)

3.  Shana had a dream that I was a little girl. Everywhere I went, I had to ride in a Conestoga wagon. I realize I'm getting older, but didn't think I was that old.......

4.  The twins frantically called me over to the window the other day so that they could show me the big snake on the patio. It was actually just an earthworm.........

5.  Chris and Jordan decided to trade shirts the other day. Here is the result:

6. The twins got to meet their great grandparents and some more of Chris's extended family in Illinois for the first time this past weekend! Then, we spent a couple of days with another AGCI family. It was so great to share experiences, stories and laughter!

7.  We have been enjoying the beautiful weather lately. It has been in the 80's this week, even though the first day of Spring was just yesterday! We having been spending a ton of time outside, and the twins are amazed that it can actually be warm sometimes here in Ohio:

Have a great day!


  1. Awww...I love your kiddos!!!!!

    And I may be a wee bit jealous because I am not going to the retreat.....I always say....maybe next year??? But we are always working on our next adoption? ;) he he he he.....oh well. HAVE FUN!!!! Praying for all of you ladies as you have a blast!

  2. Glad we were the "AGCI friends!" :) Have a great time at the retreat.