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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bits and Pieces.....

Whew! June is almost half over already! Here are some bits and pieces of our lives the past few weeks:

1. This is how we've been playing Memory (Malia's favorite game):

2. Last week, we went to a parade in our small town. Before we left, I was explaining to Jordan what a parade was, and I told him that people would throw candy to the kids. He thought it sounded very mean that someone would throw candy at him! He changed his mind, though, after diving for candy in the street and collecting a huge bag full.

3. The kids have had lots of fun with their cousins:

4. Our little nest of eggs,

is now a nest of baby birds:

5. We have been spending lots of time outside, and Malia has even had story time in the yard with all of her babies:

6. Seven months ago today, Chris and I walked through the gates of Hannah's Hope in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and were reunited with our boys. They were in our arms for good on November 13, and we wouldn't have to leave them anymore! We love these 2 little guys so much, and I also love the fact that their hair is actually a reddish-brown color - I think it is so beautiful!

7. Last night, the kids had fun at our county fair:

And that's all for now! Have a happy Wednesday! 

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