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Monday, August 27, 2012


*Disclaimer - If you think that the title of this post has anything to do with the content, you're mistaken. "Hamper" is what Jalen insisted I call it - for no apparent reason. When I asked him why, he came up with, " 'cause." So there you have it. "Hamper" it is, and "Hamper" it shall stay. (?)

This is what I had to face early in the morning the other day, before I even had my coffee:

The Bop-It has quickly become his favorite toy, and he plays with it all the time. Hopefully it's just a phase......


  1. you don't know me, but I am a friend of mindy's and I read your blog often. Hope thats ok:). Anyways, this little guy rocks at this game!! I was so impressed! I can't even get to 5!! I am going to show my boys this great. (even though I know how annoying this game can be when its all you hear everyday in the background:))
    ps.....your kidos are so cute and I have to say I love the name Malia and wanted to use it for my daughters name, but hubby wasn't on same page as me for that. :)