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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Last week, Chris had some business in Pensacola, Florida, so Ashton, Jalen, Jordan and I went along. Here are a few, ok - a lot, of photos from our trip (they are in no particular order).

Pensacola has beautiful beaches with pure white sand and aquamarine water:


We collected seashells:

We visited an old lighthouse, which is still working today:

We toured the National Naval Aviation Museum, home of the Blue Angels:

We enjoyed a wonderful meal at Landry's Seafood house:

The boys had a ball exploring an old fort:

Jordan loved this hat that we found at a gas station in Alabama:

Bales of cotton in an Alabama field (something we don't see up north!):

One night we ate at McGuire's Irish restaurant in Pensacola. The meal was delicious, but the interior decor bothered me a little. Every bare surface on the walls and ceilings was covered with one dollar bills. It is tradition that when you eat there, you leave a bill behind. I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of dollar bills were hanging there, but I had to think that here we were, surrounded with tons of money that was being used for no purpose other than decoration, while there are millions of starving people in the world. In America, our streets (and walls and ceilings) are literally paved with gold, and I know it could be put to better use. This is just one small section of ceiling:

We had a wonderful week in Florida, and it was filled with the refreshment and relaxation that my soul needs from time to time. We had a little accident on the way home, but no one was seriously hurt. For that we are thankful. God is good.

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  1. Beautiful!! That fort looks like a little boys DREAM to explore!! So fun!!