As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Monday, December 17, 2012


1. We have been seeing lots of cuteness:

2. I celebrated my (gasp!) 36th birthday. My kids had fun picking out gifts for me:

3. Ashton was chosen as Student of the Month. Congratulations, Ashton, and great job!

4. Jalen and Jordan got their Ethiopian passports exchanged for U.S. ones! Now they keep reminding their daddy that they would love to go on an airplane so they can use them.

5. We finally have everything ready for Vitaly's arrival tomorrow! 

Airport welcome sign (although I still want to write his name in Russian on it):

And the fireplace has 7 kiddos' stockings this year:

6. We have been laughing or shaking our heads at the silly things the twins come up with:

Yesterday, Jalen ran into our room, jumped up on the bed, and excitedly proclaimed, "I have some good news! A cow, big and blessing! Sploosh!" And with that, he fell down on the bed. (?)

One night at supper, I told the kids to pray silently. Afterward, Malia said, "Jordan, you just closed you eyes and that's it. You didn't say anything to God, did you?" Jordan said no, so Malia asked him why not. His response? "It was a silent prayer!"

Jalen informed me that he would really like to have a "twinky twinky mushmella." I had no idea what that was, and when I asked if he meant a marshmallow, he insisted emphatically that it was a "twinky twinky mushmella" that he wanted, NOT a marshmallow. (?)

One day, Jordan was singing, "Oh be careful little ears what you say."

Out of the blue one day, Jordan said, "I wish that I could have a big yucky ladder." Sounds like a very necessary and desirous item......

Jordan: "I have a pocket in my pants."  Jalen: "Why I no have a pocket in my pants?"  Jordan: "God no make a pocket in your pants. God makes everything."

One morning, the twins were looking for me. I told them that I was upstairs making my bed. So Jalen turned to Jordan and said, "Mommy is making his bed." I informed him that I am a her - for a man you say 'his', and for a lady you say 'her'. He then informed me, "You're not a lady. You're a mommy." Ok, then.....

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  1. LOL at "You're not a're a mommy." Generally, I feel like that is true!!