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Thursday, January 3, 2013

More "V" Memories.....

1. Vitaly had his dentist appointment yesterday, and.........(drum roll, please)...........HE HAD NO CAVITIES!!!!! Woot! A lot of kids on this program have had 15 to 20 cavities, root canals, teeth that had to be pulled, etc, but V? Just a cleaning, a fluoride treatment, and removal of some stains. I am so thankful that the twins' pediatric dentist in Fort Wayne donated his time and services for Vitaly!

2. Today was Chris's first day back to work since V got here, and the kids went back to school as well. I was a little nervous about how the day would go without everyone here, but Vitaly actually slept in and has kept himself occupied this morning. As I write this, he is cleaning Adrian and Ashton's room (by his own choice), including their horribly messy closet!

3. Vitaly is very comfortable with our family at this point, and informed me the other day (through the translator) that he likes America better than Ukraine. I hope he won't be too sad when it's time to go back in two weeks, but I'm sure his departure will be hard on all of us. He likes to tell us how much we're going to cry when he leaves.

4. Chris ran some errands the other day and took V with him. When they got back, V presented me with these flowers that he had picked out himself:

5. Vitaly is quite the little prankster. The other morning, he brought me a banana and told me to eat it for breakfast. I thanked him and took the banana he offered, realizing after I grabbed it that it was just the peel. He had carefully removed the fruit without damaging the peel too much, so that it would still look complete. He then ran away, laughing merrily to himself. Each time he eats a banana now (which seems to be his favorite food), he tries to pull the same joke on someone else. Below is a "banana," lying in wait on the counter for the next unsuspecting person that wants one:

6. I have discovered that V loves to play the piano:

7. He loves to play outside as well.

8. We went to the mall yesterday, and Vitaly was enthralled with the escalator, the glass elevator, the carousel, and mannequins. Yep.....there was a mannequin that had its arm extended, so V tried to shake her hand. But the whole arm came off.......oops!

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  1. V is an amazing kid! How does he get an empty banana peel to look like that???? Give him a squeeze from Babushka!!