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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Weekend in Photos.....

The kids started off the weekend by having a dance party and listening to V's Russian children's songs.....

.....which he listens to and sings along with all. the. time.

Malia found a Memory partner!

V loves to play outside, even when the other kids think it's too cold.

On Saturday, the kids had fun at a local science museum:

Try saying the words in the color they're written in, rather than reading the word:

Also, congratulations to Shana for winning the National Geographic Bee school finals! She is the school district champion, and will soon take a written test that will be submitted to the state. If she scores well, she will attend the state finals. Way to go, Shana!


  1. Awesome work, Shana Raena! Way to go!

  2. Man...that color test was hard!
    Congratulations to Shana. We just had that competition for our school today!