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Monday, April 29, 2013

LSM Ethiopia

Loving Shepherd Ministries was instrumental in helping us through our adoption process. They did all of our background research; told us which countries we were eligible to adopt from based on our family size and income, informed us which agencies worked in those countries and had good track records, etc. And they did all of this for free! What a great organization. Friday evening, LSM held an Ethiopia Family Night, where we learned more about Ethiopian culture and were able to buy ethnic items and sample Ethiopian foods (which was Jalen's favorite part. He got to eat some of his precious injera!) There were also lots of children's games, and we got to visit with Allen and Susan Stoller, who serve as missionaries in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, rescuing women and children from lives of prostitution. It was a wonderful evening, and we got to meet and connect with many great families!

The market:

Women in traditional clothing told us about life in Ethiopia, and showed us the inside of a typical home:

This boy loves him some injera and shiro:

This purse was handmade by women at LSM's Counseling and Resource Center in Addis Ababa, out of plastic bags that they found in the streets. They turn trash into items to sell so that they can sustain a lifestyle of dignity and hope.

Find out more about what LSM is doing to combat exploitation in Ethiopia by visiting their website: