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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jordan's New Look.....

So...Jordan is missing something these days. Actually, Jordan is missing two somethings. Last week, he was being chased through the house by one of his siblings (why do they always act crazy when I'm on the phone?), when he tripped over a blanket he was carrying, fell, and smashed his two front teeth into a door hinge. Ouch. He busted his lips open, and I could tell right away that something was wrong with his teeth. They were angled backward in a very distressing fashion, and have been loose and wiggly ever since. Today, the dentist did some x-rays and found that one of the teeth was broken off at the root. He decided to take both of them out. Jordan was a brave little guy, though! He says that his mouth feels weird, and I'm sure it will take a little time to get used to no front teeth. Hopefully his permanent ones will come in soon, and in the meantime, I'll enjoy the cute little lisp that he makes when he talks!


  1. Ouchie!!! Poor little guy, but at least he is smiling!!

  2. will said at least he'll know which one's jordan (for now)! :) but, we're sorry to hear he got hurt.