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Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Trip to Ethiopia, Day 7.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This morning, we got ready for the day, packed our bags, ate breakfast (fetira with eggs and honey and a macchiato again for me), and checked out of our hotel. Our rooms cost $11 U.S. per night! We then walked down the street to the Gambella prison.

At the prison, we had to turn in our cameras at the entrance, as photos aren't allowed there. The inmates make all sorts of beaded crafts, and they each tried to get our attention as we walked among them. We purchased necklaces and bracelets for the kids, along with a handmade basket. Mathewos bought Shana a necklace, and Yilma purchased a gourd ornament for the twins and bracelets for Shana and Adrian. He also presented us with a beaded pitcher. We did notice that the "ferengi" price seemed to be about double that of the Ethiopian price, but that was ok with us. The stuff was still extremely cheap for the amount of time it took to make!

Shana's necklace from Mathewos:

The top bracelet says "Gambella," and the bottom one says "love."

We walked back to the hotel, collected our luggage, and said goodbye to our new Gambella friends who came to see us off. 

Then Wass drove us back to the airport down the long, bumpy, red-dirt road. A few people did get car-sick this time.
Goodbye, Gambella! Hope to see you again someday!

Goodbye Baro river!

Wass and Geb dropped us off at the airport and began their long journey back to Addis in the van. Our group was patted down and received hand-written tickets. The Gambella airport is tiny, with one waiting area, one security "checkpoint," and one baggage scanner. 

Mathewos surrounded by girls: Emma, Paige, Shana, and Bailey.

He showed them lots of photos on his computer of his house, wife, and kids.

Flying away:

The long, red dirt road to the airport:

The Baro river:

Coming back into Addis:

We had an uneventful trip back, and then Danny picked us up and drove us back to HH. The L family met some of their friends for the evening, so we visited with the W family for a bit before they headed back to the airport, met another couple who is here for their embassy appointment, and played with the kids.

Welcoming us back to Hannah's Hope:

This is my new little buddy. Every time I entered the courtyard, he would run and jump into my arms. And he doesn't know it yet, but he is coming to live near us in Northwest Ohio!

Adrian played basketball with Bennett, who came with his family to meet their new little girl for the first time.

For dinner, we walked to New Look, a restaurant on the 5th floor of a building just down the street. We ordered pizzas, Cokes, and french fries and brought it back to HH to eat.

The view from New Look:

Waiting on our pizzas:

Back at HH:

And this photo is for those of you who have been to Ethiopia. Who can live without Yes water?

When the L family returned, we stayed up until 1:15 in the morning talking. Little M decided to hang out with us for awhile, and the special mothers let him skip his bath and stay up past his bedtime. Love that boy!

After Gambella, being back here feels like we are in a palace! It was so great to be able to take a warm shower tonight and actually feel somewhat clean! And we can actually walk around without shoes on if we want to. Gambella was so awesome, though. I wish everyone could experience it!

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  1. I am LOVING reading your posts, Erica! And I smiled so big remembering the YES! water! :) Love!!!