As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Thursday, August 1, 2013

We Interrupt Our Regular Scheduled Program.....

.....of "Trip to Ethiopia Blog Posts" for an important announcement.....

2 years ago today, we met these two little guys for the first time!!

I still remember the emotions I was experiencing that first day in Ethiopia as I sat in Almaz's office, beside the twins' birth mother, and heard little footsteps coming down the hallway toward us. There was a sound at the door, and there they were!!! The two little faces that we had stared at only in photos until now. The two little boys that we had waited so long for, and prayed so hard for. There they were! Our sons! They were both clutching dabo (bread) tightly in their hands, and they had very bewildered looks on their faces. Who were these strange white people? And why were they reaching for hugs with tears in their eyes? 

And the rest is history. Our lives have never been the same since, and we are so thankful for our beautiful brown-skinned, brown-eyed twins who were born halfway around the world from us. Only God could have orchestrated the awesome miracle of bringing us together, and we are forever grateful. Jalen and Jordan, we love you with all our hearts and are so happy that God placed you in our family! Happy Meetcha Day!!! XOXOXOXO


  1. Oh so special. I remember a yr ago really pouring over some of your dates regarding how long this or that took once we had our referral of Adi and Lukas. But, somehow I missed that we both met and held our special kiddos on the very same day, a yr apart, for the very first time. We are going to celebrate the day the Judge told us in her Chambers, they are yours forever, as our yearly bigger celebration (Aug 3rd) but, today I couldn't stop thinking about "what a difference a yr makes".

    Thanks for sharing all which you are regarding your trip to Africa. My husband and I have loved reading along and we both think you and your family are so incredibly brave. Michelle

  2. Thanks so much, Michelle! We really aren't brave though; we just do what God tells us to do and give all glory to Him! How neat that we share such a special day.....thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats they are beautiful.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  4. Erica, they are just so PRECIOUS!!! They have grown so much! And their smiles...oh my! Adorable!!!