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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Heading Back to Ethiopia...

To love the Lord our God
Is the heartbeat of our mission
The spring from which our service overflows
Across the street
Or around the world
The mission's still the same
Proclaim and live the truth
In Jesus' name.
-"The Mission" by Steve Green

Next weekend, I am heading back to Ethiopia with 2 women from Oregon: Kiersten, our mission team leader, and Kerri, another AGCI adoptive mom and advocate. While there, we will do some work at Hannah's Hope and will also fly to Gambella, the region Jalen, Jordan, and Kerri's daughter are from.

Gambella is one of the most devastated, isolated, and poorest regions in Ethiopia. Though the land is rich in natural resources, most families in the region live in extreme poverty. Gambella has also been deeply impacted by the political conflict in South Sudan, which has caused thousands of refugees to seek shelter, safety and resources in Gambella. Lack of food, money and safety has also meant a rising number of orphaned children. Many children are displaced and have nowhere to go. They are congregating in churches and community centers, desperately in need of care.

In June of 2014, AGCI staff learned of about 40 orphaned children being served by Foten Child Development Center. Currently, the home operates as a feeding center and daycare for children ages 0 to 12 years. With nowhere to go at night, many of the most vulnerable children are sent to makeshift foster care homes to sleep. With more orphaned children arriving each day, the home needs to expand their services to offer the children full-time care.

This is where our team will come in. We will transform Foten Center into a home that offers full services by supplying it with beds, kitchen supplies, and playground equipment. Can you help us provide the things the center needs in order to welcome the first children into their home? The total project cost is $8925.00, and $6615.00 has been donated. We have 8 more days to raise the remaining funds, so if you feel led to give, please click here:

Also, we would greatly appreciate your prayers for:
- safe travels
- our health in a land full of disease and unsafe food and water
- Chris, as he manages 6 kids, the house, and his work while I am gone
- the children, as they miss their mommy
- their mommy, as she misses them
- God's will to be accomplished
- discerning hearts and minds
- shining the light of Jesus to the people of Ethiopia
- peace and strength for Jalen and Jordan's birth family, whom I hope to meet again

Thank you all, so very much!!!!

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