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Monday, January 26, 2015

As of Late...

 The twins wanted this African statue, as it reminded them of their birth mom and sister. It now adorns our coffee bar/Ethiopian wall. :)

I discovered this online photo of me and the kiddos. It was actually taken last fall when I talked to the third and fourth grade classes at school about mission work.

Jalen and Jordan have been doing lots of art:

Malia got in on some of the fun, too:

We've had lots of school delays and cancellations because fog, snow, and ice.

Jalen took a nap on my lap one day. I couldn't move for awhile, but wondered when the time will come that he's too big to do this. :(

I received some updated photos of Foten children's center in Gambella, Ethiopia from my friend, Teklay. Our small mission team did work here last fall, and it was great to see that the place is now open for kiddos who have nowhere else to go.

Coffee ceremony time:

Kitchen area:

Malia LOVES to play school. I'm pretty sure she'll be a teacher someday. Here is the reading corner that she set up in the basement for her "students."

Chris was gone on business all of last week, so the kids took turns sleeping with me. Here is how the twins slept (and always do. I'm not sure how they breathe).

Chris's sister Angie got engaged! Karl and Angie are planning an Easter wedding.

Don't forget....there's only 6 days left to order your t-shirt! This t-shirt is perfect for your loves on Valentine's Day, and each purchase will help us build onto Metekle school in Ethiopia. Order here:

One more thing: We are looking for about 5 more team members for our mission trip to Ethiopia this summer. The trip dates are July 11-20, 2015. If you are interested, contact me for more information. Thanks!

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